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“It’s not where you come from it’s where you are going. Davontae Harris President and Founder of the Wichita Kid Foundation swears by this quote. Davontae is currently a cornerback for the Cincinnati Bengals. Previously, he played college football at Illinois State University where he became an All American while obtaining his bachelor's degree in Business Administration. In 2018 he began his professional football career being drafted the 5th round.


Small town kid, big city hustle. Davontae grew up in a quaint town in Kansas. Wichita. He didn’t have much, but he had all he needed to reach his dreams. Through the struggle Davontae was able to see the beauty of his city. His experience has shaped his perception for the better and he hopes to elevate the thinking of those around him by changing the narrative for generations to come in Wichita and anyone else willing to listen. Thus, founding the Wichita Kid Foundation. He founded the non-profit with three goals in mind:

1) Give back to the community that guided him through his journey; 

2) Show love to those emerged in the community;  

3) To inspire to youth, by demonstrating to them that you what you want already exists, its up to work hard and trust the process.


“You are not result of your circumstances, you are a result of your possibilities”- A Wichita Kid

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